May 18, 2018

5 Days to an Organized Crafty Stash | Dies

Hello and welcome to a week-long organization event! I'm joining the My Favorite Things design team all this week to share our organization and storage ideas for all of our fun crafty supplies.

Each day we're covering a different topic and today is all about dies. My die storage is similar to my stamp storage. Everything is labeled and sorted in a system that works for me and allows me to easily find what I'm looking for. 

I use the same divider system for my dies that I use for my stamps. I print the category onto label tape, add it to card stock and laminate them to make then durable. Having them broken up into specific categories is so great because I don't have to go through a ton of dies to find what I need.

I store all of my MFT dies together in clear bins that I keep on a shorter set of Alex drawers. I like having them all out in the open, so they're easily accessible. I use larger storage pockets for my bigger dies and small pockets for my small dies. And as mentioned in my stamp post, these are all my standalone dies. All of the dies that coordinate with stamp sets are stored with those.

Thanks so much for joining me today. I hope you enjoyed my ideas for die storage and I'll see you tomorrow for more organizational tips!


Lindsey said...

These are so beautifully organized, Steph!

Barb Ghig said...

Great ideas for dividers for stamps and dies...Thank you, Stephanie!

Michelle said...

This is great! Could you give me the measurements of the bins? Or if you have the link to the size you bought, I think this size will work for me. Thanks

Purple Princess said...

I love this organization!

audiesews said...

Beautiful organization. I have been using categories that are too broad so I have to go thru handfuls of floral dies or butterfly dies. I'm going to use as many of the categories as I can see in your photos to get me started on better organization. could you possibly print a list of all your categories as I can't see the ones on the far left. I have been storing all my dies together but notating on the stamp sets that there are matching dies. It makes much more sense to put them together except for the dies that could be standalone so I am moving some of my matching dies to accompany their stamp mates.