May 19, 2018

5 Days to an Organized Crafty Stash | Card Stock, Patterned Paper & Felt

Hello and welcome to a week-long organization event! I'm joining the My Favorite Things design team all this week to share our organization and storage ideas for all of our fun crafty supplies.

In today's post, we're sharing ideas for our card stock, patterned paper and felt storage. These are some of my favourite items in my craft room, and I love having everything organized and labeled to keep me productive!

My MFT card stock is stored on the same Billy bookshelf as the stamp bins that I shared earlier this week, and it takes up the entire bottom row. I keep all of my card stock in vinyl pockets from Uline (I use 9x12 pockets) and each pocket perfectly fits a full package of card stock, so I have one for every colour. I love that I can easily grab the colours I need and keep any paper scraps right in the pockets with the full sheets.

I have all of my card stock swatched on a binder ring that hangs on the side of my island so I can colour match colours before pulling out all of the card stock. I die cut them all with a tag die from Tag Builder Blueprints 4 Die-namics, and I have a label on the back of each one with the name of the card stock colour.

I keep all of my 6x6 patterned paper pads in clear bins on the same shelf of my island that I keep my stamps. The clear containers are 8" wide and about 12" long so I can fit quite a bit of paper in them. I use the largest stamp pockets from Avery Elle (designed to hold 6x8 stamp sets) and trim off the top, so they are square. 

I keep each pad in individual pockets and label them all so I can easily see what's inside as I flip through them. The great thing about keeping them in storage pockets is that I can keep the scraps in with the pads and if the pads come apart the pockets keep everything together.

My MFT felt is stored similar to my card stock. I use the same Uline vinyl pockets, but for my felt, I use the 7x10 size. The felt comes in rolls measuring 5x18 so I cut them in half and they fit perfectly in the pockets. I don't usually like storing my felt standing up because I don't like when it wrinkles, but since this felt is a bit smaller, I have no problems storing it this way. And each of the pockets has a piece of white card stock added in for additional support.

All of my MFT felt is swatched on a printable color chart (you can get it on the MFT blog here)  and I keep it in the same vinyl pocket that I use for my card stock to keep it protected. I used a square die to cut out small swatches of each felt colour, and then I glued them onto the chart with liquid glue. I love having this as a resource to quickly choose the colours I want.

And lastly is my non-MFT felt. These are larger pieces, so I like to store these flat. I have an Alex drawer unit in my craft room that is specifically for felt and related supplies. I store the felt flat in colour families and just pull put what I need as I'm creating.

Thanks so much for joining me again today! I'll be back tomorrow with one more day of organizational fun!


Shawninaz said...

I just love the way you organize I’ve always been inspired since you shared your ink swatch book. Would you please provide a link to the uline pockets?

theinkingarden said...

i too love your organization. trying to locate the uline pockets, could you provide a link?

Purple Princess said...

Very nice organization! I love how you have your felt listed!

Barb Ghig said...

Love your storage ideas, Stephanie...especially the pockets you use for cardstock. Thanks so much for sharing the info with us so we can order them too :)

Unknown said...

I love the idea of the pockets. I am getting ready to reorganize and was going to use folders but I think these will work much better. Thank you so much.