May 20, 2018

5 Days to an Organized Crafty Stash | Stencils, Tools & Embellishments

Hello and welcome to a week-long organization event! I'm joining the My Favorite Things design team all this week to share our organization and storage ideas for all of our fun crafty supplies.

We're on the last day of this fun organizational series, and I have loved sharing all of my storage ideas with you! Today we're talking about tools and embellishments so let's jump right in!

I have a Raskog cart from Ikea that fits right under one side of my island. Since I use my island for filming, it's helpful to have this right beside me with some of my most used supplies. In the top, I keep baby wipes, white embossing powder, post-it tape, clear sequins, etc... just basic stuff that I grab for often. I keep all of my Scor tape rolls on the middle shelf along with my cutting pads for my diecut machine and foam tape.

On my actual work surface (which is my island) I keep a few containers that hold a bunch of different things from scissors, to craft tools, to adhesive pens to water brushes. Having this all right on my work area makes it convenient for me to grab what I need.

On my long work desk, I keep some more storage containers that hold random things. The grey storage is my new favourite and is called Fjalla (also from Ikea lol!).  It holds a ton of stuff and has lot's of differnet sized compartments, so I keep my Misti's in it, my large foam tape roll, 12x12 paper, twine, etc... so many things fit in here.

All of my ink blending tools are in a drawer in one of Alex units. I got the idea a couple of years ago from my friend Ardyth to store the tools in nail polish holders and it works awesome. I have all of the tools labeled with the colour and Distress ink name and then I keep spare ones in a container along the side.

My sequin and jewel collection are in these great bead containers from Elizabeth Ward. They hold a ton of sequins and keep them all separated in little individual containers. And since the lid is see-through, I can quickly see what's in each one and find the style and colour I need.

I have another drawer that is dedicated to all of my MFT shaker pouches and smaller items like acrylic pieces, etc... I also keep little things I purchase for projects in her like candies, lip balms, etc... I have all of my shaker pouches in a long clear container and they are separated with the dividers similar to my dies and stamps.

My most used embossing powders are in small containers that I keep together in a drawer. I have all of them labeled so I know the brand and colour and I like the convenience of having them stored this way. I also have a drawer that keeps the ones still in the original packaging.

I mentioned my felt supplies in my post yesterday, and this is a closer look at one of these drawers. This is the same unit that holds my felt but the bottom two drawers and dedicated to supplies. This one holds some of my DMC thread containers, my Surebonder glue guns and various things like fabric scissors, needles, die cut felt pieces, etc...

And lastly is my Tonic trimmer. I recently upgraded to the Tim Holtz version of this trimmer since my original one was quite old and in need of an upgrade. This is hands down my favorite trimmer. Ever. I have tried many others but always come back to this one. :)

And that brings us to the end of this fun series. I love organizing, so it was a lot of fun sharing my space and ideas! I hope you enjoyed it!


Michelle Short said...

I adore you space and craft organisation, Stephanie! You are my organising guru! I have loved seeing it all over the last 5 days. Thank you for sharing :)

Barb Ghig said...

You have so many great organization ideas, Stephanie! My fave is how you store your ink blending tools...I really need to step up my game :)
Thank you so much for sharing everything with us over the past 5 days!

Billie A said...

Great ideas on your storage. There have been so many awesome ideas over the past 5 days. Thank you

Mary W said...

HELP - I got that sequin storage container and think it's brilliant except for one problem. HOW DO YOU GET THEM OPEN? Do I need some kind of special tool to pop them open? How do you do it?

Marjorie DUMONTIER said...

Thanks for sharing these helpful ideas.

Purple Princess said...

I love all of this!!

Michelle said...

Hello Stephanie, I love your blog and the organization of your craft room. Did you generate the labels for your ink blending tools? I would love to use the same label for my ink blending tools too. I already own the nail polish holders and love them. Thanks so much!