April 04, 2018

Wednesday Sketch Challenge 379

Hello and welcome back. Today I have a card to share for the newest sketch challenge at the My Favorite Things Challenge blog. 

This week's sketch has a simple design, and I decided to use the new Cross-Stitch Rectangle die (I am so addicted to this die LOL!) to create a background pattern and then let the sketch inspire the layout of the sentiment.

I stitched the entire background, and then I adhered the panel to a Grout Gray card base. I then die cut the word friend and also stamped a smaller sentiment onto a white sentiment strip. I adhered them onto the card front with liquid adhesive with the word friend on a bit of a diagonal just like the sketch.

I love the detail the stitching adds to the background and the simple sentiment really lets all the stitched detail stand out on the card.

Thanks so much for stopping by today!



Purple Princess said...

I love the stitching!!

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